DC Mesh Pet gate

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Have one of those rooms or rooms that you don't want your pet to be in for a period of time, then you need one of these Dc Pet Mesh Gates. Great for those moments when you need that private time not to be disturbed. One great thing is that the nylon mesh material is transparent so you can keep an eye on your loved one while not being worried if they can rip or jump over the barrier. Made of strong nylon the Dc Pet Mesh Gate will fit great in your home.
Web Size: Length 70.87" inches x 28.35" inches in height

    Pipe shrinkage: 22.5cm/8.86 Elongation: 78.5cm/30.91

    Each package includes 1 net cover + 2 stretch rods + 4 hooks
  • Nylon mesh and stainless steel products are put together for easy storage
  • can be installed in the pet prohibited entry area to prevent pets from doing damage
  • the product height 0.72cm, suitable for people to directly cross but can prevent cats and dogs from passing
  •  suitable for a wide range of places, suitable for the door, between the walls, stairwells, indoor and outdoor
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