DC Reversable Dog Jacket

  • $29.95
  • Save $20.00

Like your dog to look cute and stylish. The try one of these adorable Waterproof with velcro seal DC Reversible Dog Jacket made of cotton and polyester. Keeping your dog warm and fashionable at the same time. Made for any size dog, they will feel cool and comfortable while wearing this coat.Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery. FREE Shipping


    Size       Neck           Chest    Back length
      XS   11in/ 28cm    13-15.7in/ 34-40cm  10.2in/ 26cm
       S   11.8in/ 30cm    16.5-19in/ 42-48cm  12.5in/ 32cm
      M   14.1in/ 36cm    19-21.2in/ 48-54cm  14.1in/ 36cm
       L   15.7in/ 40cm    22-26in/ 56-66cm  15.7in/ 40cm
      XL   18.1in/ 46cm    24-28in/ 62-72cm  16.9in/ 43cm
     XXL   19.6in/ 50cm    27-31in/ 68-80cm  18.5in/ 47cm
    XXXL   25.1in/ 64cm    32-39in/ 82-100cm  23.2in/ 59cm


Please allow .4 to .8 inches in measurement allowance.

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