Legacy Vegetable Fruit Peeler

  • $10.97
  • Save $14.02

Legacy Vegetable Fruit Peeler

  •  3-IN-1 Peeler ------ Easily deal with all kinds of fruits and vegetables with only one peeler, straight peeler easily peel tough-skinned fruits and vegetables like potatoes, serrated Peeler to easily peel slippery fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, Legacy Peeler to easily create Legacy strips.
  •  Sharp Stainless Steel Blades ------ Never rust, it will last a lifetime with proper care.
  •  Ergonomic Handle ------ Soft, comfortable, non-slip, heat resistant up to 400°F.
  •  Convenient ------ Dishwasher safe, large hole in handle for easy storage.
The comfortable non-slip handle provides a firm grip even your hands are wet or oily, taking the pressure off your hand, so you won't get tired while peeling. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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